Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Phantom of the Opera Sequel on Broadway in 2010

Andrew Lloyd Webber recently announced Sierra Boggess from Broadway's The Little Mermaid will pair with Ramin Karimloo in the musical sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. The new show entitled, Phantom: Love Never Dies, that will hit London and Broadway stages in 2010. The story is based on the book by Ben Elton with songs by Webber and lyrics by Glenn Slater (who wrote songs for Mermaid). In the sequel the Phantom lures a married Christine away from "a broken-down" Raoul to New York City's Coney Island. Christine brings her teenage son, Gustave, with her.

As exciting as this sounds, I think a musical of Phantom's caliber can stand on its own for eternity without need of a sequel. I fear this might dilute some of its greatness.

I just don't think you can top this (video of original phantom cast):


  1. I don't think you can top it either. The show neither needs nor should have a sequel. I believe a sequel will detract from the effectiveness, meaning, and emotion of the final scene of the original. The "music of the night"isn't over after all. They have all just moved to Coney Island so the Phantom can try his luck again.

  2. Yes. I wonder why they chose the states as the place where the Phantom would go?

  3. I've seen different musicals many times and Phantom of the Opera was one of my best attended shows ever…I got a pretty good seat after comparing prices for Free via this:

    It was really one of the most memorable shows with a beautiful, smooth-flowing set, gorgeous music and a super talented cast.

  4. I do think a sequel will sortof kill the epicness of the original...but i still can't wait to see it

  5. I believe the reason they chose the States was because of the book "The Phantom of Manhattan". It was a book written (based on the musical) as a sequel to the story, in which the Phantom is now living in Manhattan, and Christine, Raoul, and their son arrive in the city so that Christine (still an opera star) can sing in a new musical, written by an anonymous composer (guess who?). I found the book a little dissatisfying, especially the end. Read it if you want to know more... I think ALW based the sequel off of this book, to some degree.