Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Season 7, Night 2

It looks like an exciting season ahead on Dancing with the Stars with no real leaders in the first round. Of course you have Lance Bass who was taught rhythm throughout his years in ‘NSYNC. (Frankly, he or anyone who has danced on a stage for such a long time should not be qualified for this competition.) Beyond Lance's rhythm, Maurice Greene, Warren Sapp and Brooke Burke stood out to me by the second night of competition. They each have true performance qualities and can relax enough to look confident on stage. Misty May could be up there too if she had more confidence. She is often looking down throughout the piece and doubting herself. But she has a great body and rhythm, so she could be someone to look at in the future.

One person I know will head home sooner than I would like is Cloris Leachman. What a performer. What a comedian. If only she was more stable in her movement. But bravo for those chaines on the second night. With that confident personality and her natural excitement she is a delight to watch.

One thing that irritated me was Derek Hough's apparent excitement over the fact that Brooke hyperextends her legs. This is something he should be trying to correct, not complimenting. And she is such a good dancer, beyond her nice legs, that he should have focused his attention on complimenting something else about her, instead of pointing out a negative that any trained dancer knows damages a body. Dancers work for years trying to correct this inappropriate placement. So shame on him for framing the term as a positive, especially when young, impressionable dancers are watching this show and looking to him as a professional.

Overall, looks like a season with some confident celebrities and some edgy professionals, like Lacey Schwimmer who will bring some great creativity to the competition. But by the end of the season the people I want to see dance are the judges, have they ever shown them dance? I think it’s time to start. They did it last season on So You Think You Can Dance.

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  1. I love Brooke! She is my favorite, and I even voted for her! :)) Grace, style, she floats and knows her steps! Interesting what you say about Derek-you would know about these things, I didn't.
    Susan Luci surprised me with her lack of confidence. She seems so perfectly poised and in control and here you see she is human and has real insecurities. I liked seeing that show. I think she was great the second night!! She really moved her little feet quickly and gracefully! Lance is grossing me out for some reason...ugh. Good for Misty May; I like her but she still needs to work on letting out her softer side. She is so brutally honest about herself-I admire that!!
    I couldn't believe Cloris Leachman calling the female judge a "b.." when she didn't vote her with a score she thought was high enough!! Sometimes although really funny, she is coming across as somewhat senile..Sorry!