Monday, November 3, 2008

High School Musical 3: B+ for Dance

So one of the advantages of having a birthday this fall is that I can drag my friends to see High School Musical 3 with me without feeling guilty. I sat down in the theater ready to be entertained, not really thinking much about the dancing. But it turned out, the hip hop, jazz and even waltz pieces in the movie were actually filled with technique.

The dancing truly has improved since HSM2. Zac Efron must be preparing for his role as Ren in "Footloose," because you can definitely see an improvement in his movement. He's less awkward than he was a few years ago. The hip hop piece he performed in the car/junk yard with Corbin Bleu had a lot of great ground work.

I was most impressed with Vanessa Hudgens. During the slow waltz with Efron she did a decent attitude promenade with him holding her. She looked steady on her feet...nice balance.

Overall, good show.

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