Monday, November 24, 2008

The Season Finale of DWTS

The samba smackdown revealed more than muscles underneath those bright yellow outfits. For the last time the samba showed how Warren is not up to par with Lance and Brooke. As much as I love the guy, he doesn't have the grace of Emmitt Smith. So the final smackdown now begins between Lance and Brooke. 

For some reason I just knew Brooke and Derek were going to do a Greece number! And they pulled it off with wardrobe changes, big leaps and tumbling tricks. Overall, she looked more confidence and graceful than I have ever seen her. Although I realize that female contestants do have to work a bit harder when competing in a ballroom competition, simply because of the focus on the female dancer, often I felt Brooke's movement was awkward and her performance quality was lacking. But tonight, thank goodness, she proved me wrong. 

Oh man, just saw Lance's didn't do much for me. The most interesting part was when they did the cha cha at the end. They should have just stuck with that and forgotten the hip hop. This is a ballroom competition you know. As much as I want him to win, because he's a great dancer (not just because I'm an Nsync fan) I think Brooke has him beat. 

I can't wait to find out the results tomorrow night.

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