Monday, April 13, 2009

How Many More 10s Will Be Distributed Tonight on DWTS?

New York Daily News writer, Cristina Kinon, said Sunday, "It has become way too easy for the celebs and their professional dance partners to score a perfect 10 on the popular ABC competition show [Dancing With The Stars], and it is dragging down the excitement of the program." Lets see if they continue this trend tonight.

The show begins with the stiff Ty Murray performing the Jive. Although he's really trying to jump, his feet aren't pointed, he's not flicking from the knee and his upper body moves awkwardly across the floor. Although the judges admire him for working hard and trying, they criticized him for getting out of sync with the music and Chelsie Hightower and for his lacking footwork. 
Score: 6, 6, 6. 
So what should this score really be, considering the curve the judges give all contestants? Probably around a 3. I wonder if Kinon agrees?

Shawn Johnson is up next with the rumba. She's wearing white again, I guess emphasizing her 17-year-old purity. Mark Ballas (too adorable) put together a prom set for her during rehearsal. Okay, a little bit awkward with the poses at the beginning. She has great sultry facial expressions. There doesn't seem to be a lot of footwork in this piece, a lot of posing though. Carrie Ann said she could tell Shawn was uncomfortable. Len thought the dance was "just right" in terms of how much sexiness was brought in. "Age appropriate" is what Mark called it.
Scores: 8, 8, 8
What the scores should be: 6s

Lawrence Taylor tries to escape being in the bottom two this week with the jive. He mission is to try and have fun, which he can't seem to show when he's learning in rehearsal. Unfortunately, he's so tall that he appears to be looking down all the time. Carrie Ann says, "you've brought your groove back." Len likes the basic movement of the piece, but thinks he could be lighter on his feet. I don't think the performance was that great, it had little energy and his happy face went in and out throughout the performance.
Scores: 7, 7, 8 (WAY TOO HIGH)
What the scores should be: 4s

Melissa Rycroft takes on the romantic rumba. She seems to have ease learning the piece. Lets see how it turned out. She appears a tad off to me tonight, like she did last week. Or maybe its just the awkward transitions between the movement and its not her fault. It lacked fluidity. But, the judges liked it. Bruno said it looked "effortless." In the future, he wants to see "Melissa the man eater." 
Scores: 9, 9, 9
What the scores should be: 7s  

Lil' Kim gets into a 50s character for the jive. Jailhouse rock, how ironic for her. Ha, love Derek's hair. Oh no, she messed up during the kicking section. But still a fun number. Derek really knows how to choreograph. The judges loved it, except Len thought it lacked jive movement and it was more of a theatrical performance. Most people on Twitter as of 9pm agree with Len and question whether any of the judges noticed the forgotten steps. 
Scores: 10, 8, 10
What the scores should be: 8s (Len was right--my Twitter friends agree)

Steve-O tries to be romantic in the brother-sister relationship he has with Lacey. I just hate the lack of fluidity in everyone's rumba. Steve-O always ends up walking around the floor. Carrie Ann "was totally taken in." She found him vulnerable and a lot better from last week. But Len says its "no good," and he's right again. "You have the charm of a confused puppy," said Bruno, what a perfect line.
Scores: 7, 4, 5
What the scores should be: 3s
According to @peoplemag, Lacey's mom was giving Len a hard time after the scores. 

The best of the best, Gilles Marini, is up next with the jive. Gilles' having a hard time with the choreography of the jive, at least at rehearsal. I'm sure he'll get it during performance. Now here's a guy who has the upper and lower body in sync. He can not go wrong. Cheryl is amazing. Now, that's a great performance! Len says Gilles messed up and the whole thing was too frantic. Bruno liked it but thought Gilles loses the strength in his kicks because the footwork was fast.
Scores: 9, 8, 9
What the scores should be: 9s

Chuck and Julianne try to show their love connection on the floor with the rumba. I thought they were a tad too forceful with each other throughout the whole thing. Bruno says, he "switched on the raunch factor." Carrie Ann was floored with the sexiness, while Len thought it was too much. But he still doesn't have the technique of most of the dancers, so he should get lower scores for that. 
Scores: 8, 7, 8
What the scores should be: 6s 

So, do you think the scores are inflated? I thought Len was pretty on with his scores tonight.

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  1. Kim's scores were inflated majorly, Len's score was right on... Gilles should have been a little lower and Shawn's should have been higher. That dance was technically perfect with the exception she needed a bit more hip action.