Friday, March 20, 2009

Bill T. Jones' A Quarreling Pair at The Kennedy Center Next Week

Bill T. Jones' is my favorite choreographer. And I know this even after only seeing his company perform live twice. The strength, concentration and determination of his dancers is beyond comparison to any other group. His theatrical, multi-media work, such as "Chapel/Chapter", drives me to tears. 

Next week, the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company will perform "A Quarreling Pair" at The Kennedy Center on March 24 and 25 at 8pm. He also will hold a master class on March 23 at 7pm. 

Here is the information about the company and the performance from The Kennedy Center's Website:

Founded in 1982, the company that emerged from a longtime collaboration between Bill T. Jones and his late partner Arnie Zane brings together movement, music, and the spoken word to articulate compelling perspectives on the major issues of our times. The singular style of Bill T. Jones, the 2007 Tony Award winner for Choreography for the musical Spring Awakening, is instantly recognizable: Provocative partnering and body juxtapositions. Arms and legs propelled with explosive energy. Soaring leaps and daring lifts.

Nearly four years after its last full engagement at the Kennedy Center, his Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company performs
A Quarreling Pair, which the New York Times calls "a funny, almost painfully tender theater-dance piece." The work is the result of Bill T. Jones's 15-year fascination with Jane Bowles's four-page puppet play of the same name. In this hour-long production, Jones begins with the apparently simple story of two sisters: Rhoda, a depressed and tired introvert, and the pragmatic and self-contented Harriet. Jones uses these interconnected polar opposites as a point of departure for a multi-layered theatrical rumination on the question: "is temperament destiny?" 

If you have not seen this captivating company perform, I promise you will be amazed if you go. 
Hope to see you there! 

PS: Bill is on Twitter. 
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