Monday, March 9, 2009

Live Blogging, No Inhibitions: Dancing With the Stars, Season 8, Day 1

I'm excited to see our poor jilted bachelorette on the show. Kick it Melissa! You deserve so much better than the the Dancing With The Stars shiny trophy!  

Kim and Derek: She looks good, nice legs and nice performance quality. I found that rather impressive for the first go. Refinement is key here, she needs to overcome the tough, rap quality and soften throughout her body. I can not believe she's promoting her time spent at the detention center by dedicating her performance to the girls there. She needs a new image and publicist. 

BRUNO! I've miss you. So happy to see the judges looking healthy and happy.

Lets see what Belinda has to offer.  She looks refined, even though a little awkward. Not light on her feet at all. Ohhh very strange front arabesque promenade....oh my. Jonathan put in too many turns for her this time. You could tell she was nervous, and it had to do with the choreography. Yes, Bruno's right, very heavy footwork. 

Lawrence...don't feel uncoordinated. Take some ballet like other football players. All people who play sports should take ballet. Aww...what a cutie. He needs to loosen up and stop looking down, but definitely has potential. Unfortunately, most of it looked like Edyta was simply dancing around him...we've all seen that before. 

Steve-O time. Perfect pair. Talk about redefining your image in front of the world. Jackass to gentlemen...lets see. So mechanical in his movement. Worse so far. Its too bad Lacey won't be on the show for too long because she's great. Okay...he's gone just b/c of his line..."Wants to put my foot in the waltzes butt." Blah. bye bye Steve-O. 

Gilles...I already love you. Adorable. Please be able to dance! He's got the performance quality down. Nice. Love the faces he makes. Oh man he's a natural...smooth. Love it! My favorite...and it's not just because he's hot! :~) YEAH

It's cute that they paired Julianne with Chuck (girlfriend/boyfriend)...but I hope this doesn't hurt their relationship in the long run. It's difficult working with your partner. What a cheesy smile he gave while he dipped her! But he looks light on his feet and rather graceful. Awww. She looks like Grace Kelly--gorgeous.  I think we'll see more of them.

Holly and Dmitry. She's definitely winging it. This is beyond awkward. She's more walking than dancing. I feel bad she only had five days to practice, but there's just no initial dancing talent there. 

YEAH! GO MELISSA GO!!! I really, truly want her to succeed at this!

Okay, but we must watch Ty first. How cute, it's Chelsie! I had no idea she would be on this show.  It's my So You Think You Can Dance chica with her cute cowboy. Go cowboy go! He looks nervous, but he's grooving. Loosen up cowboy and you'd get it. He'll be here for another week, despite the hands mess up. 

Okay, here is who I expect to's Shawn. Emotion is weakness? Really, that's what they teach in gymnastics? Come on Shawn. You can tell she has grace but does hit the hand movements like a gymnast...a little too hard. I Can't wait to see more from her! Love the pairing between her and Mark. 

Its the Apple dude, Steve. You can tell from the video he's going to need a lot of work. Nerds Can Dance? Maybe. Oh a pink boa. Yikes. This is how you dance around someone.  As Bruno said, "It was like watching a Teletubby going mad." But he stays positive, good attitude Steve. 

Next...David Alan Grier--"Fightin' Dirty" with a waltz. He's rather graceful. Too stiff in the arms, but pleasant to watch. Opps stumble, spoke too soon. It went worse at the end, but he did a decent job. The judges are right...the faces need to be tamed. 

Has Glen seemed more forgiving with his scores than normal? I think so. 

Max and Denise. He's just pulling her around the floor, which is a lot better to watch then when she's on her own. Unfortunately, she has no sense of rhythm. Carry Anne is right...she did look scared. I would be too with a tough guy as a partner. 

Alright, Melissa I'm ready, please be able to dance! THAT"S RIGHT "Two Words Jason, People Skills." Ahh she's good, very graceful. Lovely attitude turn. I knew it Melissa, the cheerleader can turn dancer. You can tell she's good by her arms.  Hurray!

My 1st Week Guesses:
-Who Will Win: Shawn
-Who Will Go Home: Steve-O


  1. You read the rest of my thoughts at my blog but I'm so annoyed and frustrated with ABC on pairing Julianne with her boyfriend. It's just completely unfair.

    My picks:
    To win: Shawn
    to go home: Steve Woz

  2. I'm happy to see Chelsie again tho I wish she'd been paired with a stronger partner. I can tell you from personal experience that trying to teach your life-partner to dance can be painful! (My husband is agreeing with me),

    My picks:
    Winner: Gilles
    to go home: Wah wah wah Woz

  3. Hey Meg - I've been wanting to say how much I love that you're continuing to write (but for some reason, the Mac at home will never let me post). So I'm at work (shh!) and though I'm a DWTS virgin, I guess:

    Winner of it all at the end): Lil' Kim, just because I think America's that crazy.