Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Season 8, Week 2

Believe it or not, Fox News has a detailed post of last night's DWTS.

I'm glad to see Belinda Carlisle go home. Her performance last night didn't look full out at all. Plus, she doesn't have the personality or celebrity factor of the other contestants to really compete. 

And, does anyone know why Lacey Schwimmer looks so irritated all the time? She's got to lighten up and show us her fun side. I don't care how bad your partner is, we don't want to watch a pouty face all night long. She needs some lessons from her brother, Benji. 

Besides the cute cowboy, Ty, and Gilles, I was rather bored with the entire event. DWTS needs some frivolity and powerful performances in the next weeks to keep my attention. 


  1. Lacey should take some other lessons from Benji as well, not just how to smile.

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