Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ty's Saved From Elimination on Dancing With The Stars

I guess Ty's solo impressed more than just Jewel on Monday night because 'Lil Kim was the next celebrity to be eliminated from Dancing With The Stars

According to the judges, Ty should have been the next celebrity to leave the show, after he received a score 6 points fewer than 'Lil. Ty and partner Chelsie were surprised when the results were announced, along with the audience who booed the outcome. 

But, unless the group who votes for the worst celebrity has a larger following this year, we should see Ty go home next week. As much as I love his positive attitude, sweet personality and determination, those things can only get you so far in a dancing competition. We have to judge technique and performance quality (the thing he needs to work on most) at some point and it better be in the semi-finals. 

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