Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Final 3 Celebrities on Dancing With The Stars

We're five days away from announcing the winner of Dancing With The Stars season 8. In my first analysis of this season, I predicted Shawn and Mark would win the competition. But since that first night my top two have shifted to Melissa and Gilles, with Gilles winning the competition.

Don't get me wrong, I think Shawn is a lovely dancer, but she doesn't have the great performance quality found in Melissa and Gilles. She also is less graceful in her movement, which is understandable considering her gymnastics training. 

So why Melissa? Despite the fact that Tony dilutes his choreography with the same front leg extension in every piece, he mostly creates fine pieces that work well to Melissa's strength. He showcases her fearlessness when it comes to tricks, her fluidity, flexibility and strong turns. She also was taught, presumably in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader training, how to maintain an engaging face throughout a performance, which helps makes the pieces exciting to watch. 

So why will Gilles beat Melissa? Well, because he has had no previous dance training, unlike Melissa, and yet he can do everything that she can do. He also has Cheryl as a partner and their chemistry is a step above any other couple in the competition. The fact that he's gorgeous, French and a family man might also help boost his voting base. 

But we'll all have to stay tuned to ABC on Monday and Tuesday to see if my guesses are correct. So, enjoy next week. I'll be with you flipping between DWTS and American Idol on Tuesday night. 

(photo from AP Photos/Getty Images, found at ABCNews)

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