Monday, October 13, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Season 7, Week 2

My thoughts as I watch and chat on the Dancing With The Star's live blog:

Maurice and Cheryl started the night with a sexy samba to some disco. She's my favorite professional, with a big personality, just like her hair this week. As for her partner, I agree with Glen, he needs some refinement in his movements.

Cody stumbled a tad during this one, but gave a solid performance.

Many people online really like Toni. I'm just not convinced. She stumbled a few times during this performance. Also, she looked down and dropped character when she wasn't being sultry.

I commend Cloris for trying hard this week. She looked very sophisticated and young. Her turns were great and extending her leg that high, wow! She's such a delight. Maybe she will be in the competition longer.

Poor Rocco, his movements are just so awkward not matter what he does. But at least this week he was really having fun. Unfortunately, gimmicks like removing clothing won't get you far in this competition. That plus no musicality = gone tomorrow.

I love that Susan got Tony on "All My Children"--hysterical. Unfortunately, her attempt to get Erica Caine into her performance didn't come across through her face at all. But, the rigidness of the tango suited her well. Although, the fast-pace of the music did them a disservice by making their movement appear very slow.

Brooke shook it tonight. I love that song and the characterization throughout. This was the first time I was really impressed with her. Even her face was into it. Wonderful. I can't believe Glen didn't like the story incorporated into the dance. It complemented the music's story, Glen, come on.

Ha...anyone else see Lacey looking ticked off behind Brooke and Derek when they were talking? What an irritated expression. Do I sense some jealousy?

Woo creepy costumes and makeup Lacey and Lance, nice halloween feel. Very sharp and clean. Thank goodness Carrie Ann agrees. Sir it's the first time Glen actually liked it. See Lacey, nothing to be jealous about.

Yes, Capoeira...I love that they're showing all these styles on TV. That's one class I didn't get a chance to take at the American College Dance Festival, but I would have loved to try.

Warren...oh have more fun with it. There you go. He looked pretty distracted tonight and not fulling into the piece. I agree with the lack of content in the piece that the judges were disappointed in.

Pretty varied show tonight, with some really fun pieces.

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