Monday, October 27, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Week 6, watching/writing live

Yes, group routine. Oh and no Glen tonight either, Michael Flatley has decided to join us instead. I used to watch a tape of "Lord of the Dance" over and over. I always wanted to be that evil girl in the red dress, she danced to the cooler music. :~)

Oh no, Cherly has her worked cut out for her with Maurice tonight, at least from the video. Okay here comes their waltz. He definitely doesn't have the fluidity, but he looks like he's enjoying himself. Humm...lets see what the judges think. I agree with what Carrie Ann said about their lack of chemistry, they have none. I think Maurice still lacks confidence on stage, he needs to start having fun out there. 

Love seeing Lance in his old studio. I was such a big Nsync fan back in the day. Oh they are good. Happy feet. Fun outfits too. Thank you Lacey for letting Lance show off a little. Oh and he put in that slide move where he fell last time...good for him. I still don't know if he will be able to beat Brooke. 

Susan, I really don't know if you're going to make it much farther than this. Please, oh please put on some personality tonight! Hopefully that outfit puts her in the mood. Yikes, the movement looks way too fast for her. Nope, didn't break out of her shell tonight either. I completely disagree with the judges, she didn't bring any attitude to that piece at all. 

Can I just say that Michael could say anything with that Irish accent, even something horrible, and it would sound delightful.

Poor Brooke, her foot must be pretty painful. Hopefully she can dance through the pain. Rumba time. She can act sexy, that's for sure. Now these two have chemistry. As much as Derek irritates me, he has worked well with Brooke. Yes, I do agree with the judges, she looked a tad off, especially during the turns. Good for Brooke for staying so positive though. WOW and a 10 from Michael! HA! I guess he hasn't watched Brooke dance before to see what she can really do. 

This hip hop routine looks ridiculous on the video. I'm ready for the silliness to begin. 

It's Cloris time, in a bright, sassy, yellow outfit. Vintage cha cha cha. Oh, now that she's moving she looks good, even when its fast movement. OOOO my...a death spin...ha! Wait a go Cloris! And she can't stop laughing. Love her. Oh please Carrie Ann, Toni was nonsense compared to Cloris who at least knows how to put on a show. Many of the people commenting on the Dancing With the Stars live blog agree with Carrie Ann. One irritated viewer said, "This is a DANCING contest, not a popularity content." Actually, 2/3 of dance is performance-based, it's not about technique. So, especially when you are putting a celebrities on the dance floor, 2/3 is a popularity contest. 

Warren has such grace. Unfortunately, he basically walked around the entire routine. 

Awesome hip hop routine ahead. This is where Cloris can bust a move! Ohhh Cloris I love the orange leggings. Poor Susan, she looks so out of it. I'm not sure what that was, but at least it was fun. 

Another week of celebrity dance complete. 


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