Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why does ABC need to add more drama to a painful situation?

Why did "Dancing With The Stars" decide to have Misty May hobble onto the stage at the end of the show? We had already heard her Achilles tendon pop, that was enough drama for me. I agree with what Sharon wrote on her blog, Tink's Corner, about the whole situation. I hope Misty makes a fast, smooth recovery.

As for the other performers, it was an "ehhh" kind of show for me. Even Cloris Leachman, throwing out all the stops, wasn't a thrill. As much as I love her, I think it's about time for her to end her stint on the show. But more so than Cloris, the person who needs to leave soon is Rocco DiSpirto. Bye, bye, no more awkward movement from you please.

You would think Susan Lucci, with all her acting skills, would have caught on by now that to fully impersonating a character during a dance performance you have to throw yourself completely into that character, not half-heartily. Her happy persona throughout the jive was fake and juvenile. Come on Susan, you can do better!

Thank goodness for Warren Shapp's elegance, just like Emmet Smith. I would have liked to see those two duke it out on stage.

Lets hope for some more impressive performances next week.

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